Looping by Car in the Far North

Man it’s freezing in this bus. And I’m hungry, too. Thought I’d have enough time to get a bite to eat and pick up a book for the ride. Neither of which happened because I got to talking with Don. I did go in to the pizza shop to see if they could provide anything in the 5 minutes before the bus was due to arrive. Said it’s take 10 so I left. Could’ve stayed. The bus was 30 minutes late.

Of course, I initiated the last conversation with Don, about who might be responsible for the 9/11 attacks. You might’ve guessed, Hussein and Iran were not what was on our minds. I was so focused when I got there, to drop the car off and fill out the paperwork and get out, to catch the bus and have time to look around. I even interrupted the conversation Don was in when I pulled up, such was my rush. A real tapu around here as the Kiwis are true conversationalists.

Would you expect to have esoteric conversations when you drop off a car at an auction house for them to sell for you? It wasn’t on the agenda. But it happened. I can’t remember how we got into it. But Don said something interesting. That we’re not here to learn, but to remember. Talking of great civilizations of the past. And choice is what life was all about. I was enjoying that part of the talk. Then he pulled out the secret, which had recently been given to him, after someone else had mentioned it might be the sort of thing he’d enjoy reading. I saw the DVD with Erica and some friends in L.A. and it became our running joke. We also went to the magic castle.

I mentioned I had a bus to catch and he jumped up and got a kid to take me there. The kid subsequently wandered off after I started talking about electronic voting. Don gave me a site to look up, David Icke, after we talked about the aspect of WTC looking like a controlled demolition.

The rest of the day wasn’t so bad but had in it a lot of driving loops in the car. I started by going in to town to drop off laundry, get some breakfast, photocopy my passport for the movers, hop on line and check messages. Of course, I forgot the passport. That was OK, had to come back for the laundry. On the way home I thought about meaning to get the extra car key from John before heading to Whangarei. That’s OK, I would be back for the laundry.

Got home and packed up the things that are being given to Carl and John and wait for the movers. They were stated to be there between noon and 1 and showed up just a little after one, which should give me plenty of time to go pick up the laundry, get the copy of the passport at the office and pick up the house key from John to go get the car key at his house. The laundry wasn’t ready.

Filled out all the paperwork for the freight and customs and listened to one of the movers impersonate Yoda. Not only in verb-subject rearrangement but in voice, naturally. I asked his colleague if he did any impersonations. I think he was a bit shy as his skittish answer, sort of whispered in a laugh was proffered in a quiet no with small getures. His coworker thought it a shame and went in to Donald Duck.

He told me about rellies in Martha’s Vineyard which led to a brief discussion of American politics since the Clinton’s frequent the area. A lot of blue blood there is what I said. Agreeing he pointed out that he was just a Kiwi. I’m sure there’s some blue bloods down here too.

Told him I had to scoot to get down to Whangarei in enough time to drop the car off and catch the bus back up. The third loop. Two to town already. He gave me a Waterboy ‘You can do it” and had me sign the paperwork and promised they’d lock up. Said it was OK, they had just packed up and were taking all the valuables, anyway.

Enough of that on the bus. Good meal at the best restaurant in town, the Jerusalem. Open on holidays like the one we just had here. Get the laundry tomorrow, pack it and have Carl take me to the airport. 19 hours later or 5 hours before I leave I’ll be with Erica in La Honda.

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