Certified Scrum Master (CSM)

Course Overview

This CSM course goes beyond meeting certification requirements, emphasizing skill acquisition through active participation. With Aaron’s extensive experience, the focus is on understanding the effectiveness of Agile development, not just the mechanics.

Course Benefits

  • Certification and Resources: It provides official recognition, comprehensive course materials and 16 professional development credits.
  • Career Advancement and Better Job Opportunities: CSM certification opens doors to higher-level positions and increases individuals’ chances of finding rewarding job opportunities. Certified Scrum Masters often command higher salaries due to their specialized skills and knowledge.
  • Industry Recognition in a Professional Network with Continuous Learning: CSM is globally recognized, enhancing professional credibility and connecting individuals to a global community of Scrum professionals while also promoting continuous learning and skill development to ensure individuals stay current with evolving Agile practices.
  • Enhanced Skill Set, Leadership, and Project Outcomes: CSM training equips individuals with essential Scrum skills such as facilitation, coaching, and conflict resolution, enabling Scrum Masters to lead teams more effectively and achieve improved project outcomes, faster delivery, and higher product quality, contributing to a more adaptive work culture.

Course Highlights

  • Develop a deep understanding of Scrum principles, accountabilities, events, and artifacts.
  • Benefit from an instructor with over two decades of Agile and Scrum experience, gaining both comprehensive knowledge and practical insights for improved effectiveness in Agile environments.
  • Engage in discussions, practical exercises, and real-world case studies.
  • Acquire vital Scrum skills like facilitation, coaching, and conflict resolution, enhancing proficiency as a Scrum Master.

Course Structure

Teams of 3-4 work through activities in:

  1. Collaboration and consensus
  2. Defining Scrum, Agile and process types
  3. Defining the Scrum team
  4. Product Backlog Refinement and Delivery
  5. Working in Scrum


There are no specific prerequisites for to attend, although basic knowledge of Agile concepts is helpful. Earn SUEs bu watching Scrum Alliance foundational videos. Familiarity with the official Scrum Guide, which is valuable for the exam, is recommended. Participants should approach the training with enthusiasm and readiness to engage.

Meet Your Instructor – Aaron Sanders

Get to know Aaron better by checking out his LinkedIn profile and web site.

What do past participants say?

  • “He is a great Agile coach. It was fun learning with Aaron. I will certainly recommend learning the CSM course with him.”
  • “Aaron is a knowledgeable and fun instructor. The creative interaction in his course was helpful to apply real world integration of Scrum.”
  • “Valuable asset for self-betterment and overall improvement”
  • “Aaron was a great instructor who kept all students engaged in the activity. I’d really recommend anyone looking to get their toes wet on the Scrum framework to take the course.”