I enjoy making likable things. Especially as part of a team. 

With 20+ years of experience as a product strategy leader, I have been integral to organizational transformation efforts & innovative product delivery, leading to exceptional brand loyalty & multi-million-dollar revenue increases.  I am skilled in product road mapping, prioritization, portfolio management, as well as value delivery streamlining, of which I have proven across my successful career.  I am passionate about building life-changing products & an advocate for beautifying the planet.

People hire me to up-skill team-based product discovery and development capabilities in their organizations. Teams apply these capabilities through hands-on training and with their work. Iterations of follow-on practice let it all sink in. Embedding with a team as a product coach allows me to sense an impactful situation in real-time. Sometimes it’s as simple as asking how we’ll test the different product ideas.

Alongside team coaching, I work with key stakeholders and executives to ensure the integration of the concepts, tools, methods, and practices within the overall strategy. The effectiveness in these organizations results from two decades in technological, interpersonal, and leadership disciplines. Working with others helps improve everyone’s collaboration skills while increasing customer value delivery.

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