Who has time for training?

We know that getting managers and teams to take time out for training is tough, especially when participants are left having to figure out how the techniques will fit into their current work practice.

Extending from the Product Owner course, teams use their current product and backlog to deepen applied learning for effective product discovery. Participants apply design and discovery concepts and techniques, working toward demonstrating a validated product design, ideally ready to move into delivery. Through the process, teams sometimes discover that a pivot is in order so that their customers get what they actually want and will use. The week-long intensive will be collaborative, challenging and fun.

Who is on the Product Discovery Team?

Typical roles on a discovery team include:

  • Product manager, product owner, or product marketing – understands your business and its products
  • User experience designer–understands users and UX design, has interaction design experience
  • Business analyst –understands users and the complex domain of your product
  • Senior developer or architect –understands the current technical environment and what’s feasible
  • Scrum master, agile coach, or project manager – to aid in facilitation and support the discovery team


What about the users?

Their involvement is crucial for each discovery team. Teams interact with customers and users directly to understand needs and validate solution concepts. Outside participants might spend 30 minutes or more with a discovery team, hopefully beginning the first day, and then a couple more times after that.

What kind of time commitment are we really talking about?

Discovery team members participate full-time for the week. They take responsibility for creating and then coordinating schedules to involve stakeholders, delivery team members, customers and users. Expect another 4-8 hours in preparation for things like: Identifying product discovery teams, deciding on design challenges, coordination with outside participants and workshop logistics.

Where is this intensive held?

Teams will work outside of their normal work environment so there is less distraction. You should get an offsite facility, within a short drive or walk to the office. Participants need access delivery team members and stakeholders inside the organization to effectively complete discovery work. Get a space large enough to accommodate 3-5 work groups. Each group needs ample table space to create models and wall space to post their results. We also need a way to project slides and video.

What happens after the intensive?

It takes effort to keep the work moving forward. We schedule follow-up conference calls with teams, and if you’d like, some follow-up coaching to address challenges and insights.

We will document the intensive through photos and videos so you can share your success with colleagues. Electronic copies of course material that you can leverage inside your organization will also be available. All full-time participants will receive Product Owner certification through the Scum Alliance.

How can I find out more?

Contact Aaron to find out how to make this intensive work for your organization.