The Weather Channel Lean UX Case Study Now Available

On September 17, 2013 Jeff Hutkoff and I presented a case study on a travel feature made for the iPhone application. Special thanks to Jeff Gothelf from Neo and Lauren Cramer from UIE for organizing the event.

From the Lean Day: West conference website:

Validated Learning In The Enterprise

The Sales team committed to a new feature for a sponsor with distribution across TV, web and mobile. A user research vendor is brought in to determine how best to attract users to the feature. The head of digital media decides to “become Agile.” Sound familiar?

Typically, this story ends in project failure. Not this time.

By bringing in outside coaching (from Comakers), The Weather Channel team was able to incorporate agile concepts, practices and tools, become self-sufficient and better leverage the vendor relationship.

Jeff Hutkoff, Product Manger for The Weather Channel’s iPhone team and Aaron Sanders, coach and trainer from Comakers, share their in-the-trenches story of the challenges they faced becoming more lean and agile as they raced towards their deadline.

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