The Three Pound Gem

Last weekend my wife and I went to Body Worlds 2 in San Jose. It is a show we saw in Denver a couple of times, once for free as a preview for educators in the area. There is plenty of controversy surrounding the show, and I couldn’t help but compare the height of the bodies to myself, and they do seem very small in stature.

There is a difference in the show this time, with a focus on the brain and nerve activity. Erica had just been to a conference for teaching gifted children and a lot of the information was repeated at the show, such as the fact that the brain continues to develop until a person is 25 years old. It explains that the reason a teenager is not so tactful is because the connections in the brain is still forming. The show also explained that at around age 60, the brain starts shrinking, and connections are lost. It made me think about the ramblings I worte in this post, and how we may just not be able to take on new concepts, after a certain age.

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