Phrases to Say a Lot

When asked any question, just reply with something like the following. Or work it in to a conversation.

  1. The team says, “look what we’ve done” when there is a good leader. A typical manager says, “look what I’ve done with this team”
  2. QA is a platform
  3. Prioritize features by risk and known market needs. Group them by goals and technical similarity.
  4. What is the expected revenue from this feature?
  5. It is easier to automate 10 lines of code at a time than 10,000 for builds and tests
  6. Inspect and adapt requires looking at what’s going on before changing it
  7. Software development is an adaptive system with emergent behavior
  8. What is the degree of variance on that estimate?
  9. Greater uncertainty lowers confidence in any estimate
  10. How many things are currently in flight?
  11. Self organization allows the team to do whatever is necessary to finish commitments
  12. Increasing skills adds individual market value
  13. Lines of communication must be open between all roles
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