Kool-Aid, Dogfood or Champaigne?

The saying, “you drank the Kool-Aid” may be a derisive way to say someone has been indoctrinated. Similar to a Borg-related “you will be assimilated“. Admitting to drinking the Kool-Aid seems synonymous with “going native“. I think it’s worse than that. It’s forever linked to the Guyana Tragedy for me and is tantamount to committing suicide.

The concept of dogfooding I understand and I am a fan. Both of the verbification of nouns and of using your own product. Just not of the words. Similar to not wanting to be a pig, I do not want to be a pig noshing on some dog food. Although pigs are smarter than chickens. Pigs must not have that sophisticated of a palette, I guess. I wouldn’t want to work in a dog food factory that practiced this, either.

I am a fan of brew making and like to go wine tasting at smaller places. It helps me understand the craft so that I may try to practice it myself. Understanding all the ingredients, the process and the taste sought after. I think the phrase is gaining some popularity and I am now blatantly advocating for its use. Let’s drink our own champagne!

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